Different ideas to propose a girl for marriage

There is no doubt in when you propose a girl for marriage with a different and unique style then she will not be able to stop you. A marriage proposal means a lot to the girl. Girls are more emotional as compared to boys, and they love the little cute things and notice them whereas boys even don’t notice it. If you also want to propose to your girlfriend, then you should also try to do a unique thing to propose which makes the moment unforgettable.

Are you the one who is also looking for some unique and brilliant ideas then you are at right place. In the post, we will discuss some of the proposal ideas which make your partner very much shocked. You can use the different marriage proposal ideas to make your moment better.


There are uncountable ideas to propose a girl, there is no end to the ideas but here are some of the ideas which can help you to make your job easy and excellent. Those ideas are:-

  • Ring in the champagne glass

It is the better and easy way to propose a girl for marriage. For making the planning execution better, you should go to a nice hotel with your partner. Involve the waiters in your proposals and tell the waiter to bring two glass of champagne but you need to put the ring in the one glass of your partner.  It is very simple and easy to propose with this idea.

  • Skywriting

It is a superb and very unique idea which you can use to do your job also. It is a creative and funny way to propose. It can be costly but really effective. You need to be on time when you are going to propose the girl with this idea otherwise you will miss the plan what actually planned.

There are other ideas also which will help you to make your job done well. You can go on different sites to find out more marriage proposal idea.

How to get more unique and effective ideas?

You can take the help from the videographers who used to shoot the moment. The photographers and videographers will help you because they used to shoot different and unique proposals daily and will suggest you also different method.

To conclude, hope that you are satisfied with the above marriage proposal ideas and will choose these ideas to make your memory lifetime.